What is an Invisible Zipper? How Do You Sew on an Invisible Zipper?

What is an Invisible Zipper?

An invisible zipper is a type of zipper that is hidden underneath the fabric it is sewn onto so that its teeth and tape are not visible and only the slider is visible when viewed from the front. The teeth of the invisible zipper and its slider are very thin, and the tape is made of tulle. It gives the impression that there is no zipper where it is located.

Invisible zippers are mostly used in garments such as women’s underwear, skirts, and dresses. Think about the back of your dress: a huge zipper on its back would not look good, would it? Or how about a zipper that calls out from behind the dress that it is there? There are zipper types which we call invisible zipper in such areas.


Preparation before sewing

Sewing on invisible zippers is different from sewing the typical traditional zipper. When sewing on invisible zippers, there is no need to struggle to sew a properly aligned upper stitch.

What will you need:

  • Invisible zipper
  • Iron and ironing board
  • The object that the zipper is going to be sewn onto
  • Invisible zipper foot (for your sewing machine)

First step:

  • Unzip the zipper completely
  • With its slider set in such a way that it will slide downwards, press the unzipped zipper completely down on the ironing table
  • Iron the hidden zipper tape until it is flat

Sewing on an Invisible Zipper: The First Side


With the zipper still unzipped and the invisible zipper tape completely flat:

  • Lay the invisible zipper on the right side of the fabric to be sewn with the slider facing downwards.
  • Align the zipper tape nicely onto the area where you will make the invisible zipper stitches
  • Measure the area from the edge of the fabric to the teeth of the zipper for the seam allowance. The aim here is to ensure that the seam allowance is uniform throughout the zipper
  • Fasten (tack) the zipper to the area it is to be sewn onto

Sewing on an Invisible Zipper: The zipper stitch


  • Adjust the sewing machine with the invisible zipper foot
  • Adjust the desired height of your sewing needle with the handwheel (flywheel) of the sewing machine
  • Align the invisible zipper teeth next to the invisible zipper foot. Thus, the stitches will be right next to the zipper’s teeth at the optimum point along the zipper.
  • Sew the zipper all the way down its side. Remove the fastening pins along the seam when you come to them.

Sewing on an Invisible Zipper: The Other Side


  • Lay the invisible zipper on the other side of the fabric this time.
  • Align and fasten the zipper again as you did for the first face.
  • Turn your sewing machine around and sew this side just as you did the first side.

Sewing on an Invisible Zipper: Its remaining parts


  • Zip the zipper
  • Match the seams on both sides of the zipper
  • Fit / fasten the stitches that you have matched together.
  • Attach your regular zipper foot to your sewing machine
  • While placing the fabric on the zipper foot, align the sewing needle according to the stitch on the invisible zipper beneath it
  • Sew along the seam

Congratulations! You have successfully sewed an invisible zipper!